I have an interdisciplinary focus on games, fusing my perspectives as a game researcher, game designer, game design lecturer, and graphics researcher. I have two primary occupations:

PhD Candidate at Utrecht University

My proposal was selected in the Graduate Program Game Research. It has a strong interdisciplinary focus and is rooted in both computer science and the humanities. I am investigating the variety of reasons why we play games, with as ultimate goal to expose how uncommon appealing factors can be stimulated effectively by game designers. It is the intention that this will lead to more variety in game design.

Lecturer at Utrecht University

I work at the Department of Information and Computing Sciences. Currently, my exclusive lecturing topic is game design. In the past I have also taught computer graphics technology and various game development and research projects. My staff page can be found here.

Previously I have been active as an experimental game developer and computer graphics researcher, the remnants of which can be found on this website.

You can contact me through e-mail. Send one to info ta marries dot nl.