Graphics Research

Thesis: Real-Time High Quality GI

In 2013 I graduated cum laude with this thesis. It introduces a new global illumination technique which provides nearly perfect diffuse global illumination at real-time framerates.

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Advanced Graphics Course

Early 2013, I constructed and lectured the Advanced Graphics course which was part of the curriculum of the Game and Media Technology Master’s programme at the Utrecht University.

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Hybrid Deferred Rendering

Hybrid Deferred Rendering diagram preview

A new dynamic lighting architecture which hybridizes two architectures and retains the strengths of both approaches. The technique has been thoroughly analyzed and benchmarked in the paper.

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Stereoscopic 3D using Reprojection

Screenshot preview

Reprojection can extract stereoscopic images from a regular image and depth information. This project explores gather based methods in general and presents a very fast simplified version.

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Stereoscopy and Head Tracking for Games

This project explores the basics of stereoscopic rendering and head tracking from a game development perspective.

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Comparison of Dynamic Lighting Architectures

During my Bachelor’s Computer Science I investigated several techniques to render many dynamic light sources efficiently.

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