Hybrid Deferred Rendering

Research Project

Hybrid Deferred Rendering diagram previewThis project was done as part of a rendering research internship at Nixxes. Nixxes is a small technology company located in Utrecht, The Netherlands. It cooperates with AAA-studios such as Crystal Dynamics and for example provides support for cross platform compatibility.

The goal was to optimize the dynamic lighting architecture, mainly for the PS3. The architecture deferred lighting requires all geometry to be drawn twice, which is the cause of unnecessary overhead. TheĀ deferred shading architecture removes this overhead but the necessary artistic freedom would require too much G-buffer space, imposing a bandwidth bottleneck. Hybrid deferred rendering combines the strengths of deferred shading and deferred lighting to offer artistic freedom without rendering everything twice or introducing a bandwidth bottleneck.

Research Paper

The proposed architecture is explained in the paper, including the Dynamic Path Selection extension which is a heuristic optimization. The paper provides benchmarks and an in-depth analysis of the technique. The paper does not apply the hybridization to the tile based deferred/forward shading architectures, but the extension should be straightforward.

Hybrid Deferred Rendering
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